There is a short story on the Internet about demons and angels or something, and my name is randomly mentioned

as told by a demon

...So, what’s this about a woman in your shop? Looking to buy a book? Did you subtly terrorize her until she left?" He poured another pair of shots.

"No. She wasn’t interested in books. Wanted to talk."


"Well, she comes in and says, Ah, you’re an angel, then."

Crowley winced. "Oh dear. I don’t like those. Who know."

“Yes, it is a bit disorienting, isn’t it? Working so long under a guise and one of them just spots it. Frightening, really."

Crowley was silent, thinking of the terror of exposure he’d felt when Adam Young had gazed upon him, reading his entire being easily as a street sign. It still made him shudder.

"What did you do?" Crowley asked, handing Aziraphale another shot, raising his. "Stuff."


Should I be worried confused